An Update on Affiliate Income Earnings – 2011 Summary to date

{ Posted on Jul 02 2011 by adventurebear }
Categories : earnings
When I first started marketing, I would post an update of my earnings here every month. I'd like to resume doing that, at least occasionally.  You'll be able to see what I'm actually earning and get a sense of how ...Read More »

Rising up from the Ashes

{ Posted on Jul 02 2011 by adventurebear }
If you've followed my blog at all, or are a member of any of the forums I belong to (Wealthy Affiliate, Bring the Fresh), you'll know that i've recently gotten back into the swing of internet marketing.  I recently joined ...Read More »

How I created a 3000+ opt in list in the past year.

{ Posted on Dec 27 2010 by adventurebear }
Hi, I've been busy working in the background and not updating this blog much. I"ve done a lot of work on my own product development niche and have created a site that has a mailing list of over 3000 people ...Read More »

With the New Year, time to Check your Websites

{ Posted on Jan 03 2010 by adventurebear }
Categories : BANS, SEO
In the past 2 weeks, I've been shocked to find that 2 of my websites were not displaying properly. One of them was a BANS site in which the blog stopped displaying altogether. Traffic had fizzled to nothign and now ...Read More »

WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 2

{ Posted on Sep 17 2009 by adventurebear }
Categories : SEO, Stompernet
Wordpress uses templates that reproduce large blocks of text and code on each page of your site, typicall for the header, footer and sidebar sections. From a usability point of view, this is usually helpful as it allows the page ...Read More »

WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

{ Posted on Sep 16 2009 by adventurebear }
I'm currently studying Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 from Stompernet (which believe it or not is now free).  While wordpress is a wonderful website content managment system, there are several things from an SEO standpoint which can use improvement. Regarding control ...Read More »

Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 now Free

{ Posted on Sep 12 2009 by adventurebear }
Categories : Stompernet
Brad Fallon has lost his mind. He is giving away Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 for free, all you have to do is opt in. It's a shame that this is buried under the amazing content that stomper net is ...Read More »

Stomper Net to Lower Prices on 9/9/9

{ Posted on Sep 07 2009 by adventurebear }
Categories : Affiliate Marketing
I really can't believe it.  I had a guest membership to stompernet for 2 months, which normally costs over $600/month. I was sad when my membership ended and I've been keeping an eye out for any new opportunities to sneak ...Read More »

Article Marketing Basics – Getting Your Feet Wet

{ Posted on Apr 09 2009 by adventurebear }
Categories : Article Marketing, SEO
This is advice that I recently gave to a member on Wealthy Affiliate who had no idea where to start with article marketing.   This is a basic strategy for gettign yoru feet wet.  We'll talk more about what to do ...Read More »

I now rank #1 for both phrases!

{ Posted on Apr 03 2009 by adventurebear }
Categories : SEO
Quick update...I now rank Number one for both search phrases I chose for my off-line business. One commenter asked what it was that I did...sorry if I didn't mention it before.   I made two major changes to my site which ...Read More »