Do you have a Privacy Policy?

{ Posted on Aug 10 2007 by adventurebear }
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9 Responses to “Do you have a Privacy Policy?”

  1. I was not aware Google algorithm took into account whether or not the landing page has a privacy policy. Excellent advice! Thank you.

  2. Could you tell me where you heard that Google looks for privacy policies please?

  3. Michael & Rose,

    I read about it in Google Money Pro by Steven Holdaway. GMoneyPro is the first e-book that I’ve paid for, and while pricey at around $97, he has a ton of good detailed and step by step information about using AdWords. It’s especially useful for the beginner, and with a 45 day return policy, I would have asked for my money back if I didn’t feel that I learned some valuable information from it.

    I have updated the original post, thanks for calling me on that, references are very important!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment as well.

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