The Sunday Seven – Sixth Edition

{ Posted on Sep 30 2007 by adventurebear }
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1) Internet Duct Tape’s entry caught my eye not only because of the discussion of Mind Mapping, but also the dogs who work for his company, and why they are exempted from attending daily meetings. See if you get a chuckle out of the first paragraph, then read the rest of the entry.

2) Needless Productions ventures close to the world of Meta Cognition when he lists Five Training Tips for Better Blogging. Tip number One is “Name Your Flaws”. Being able to put a name to undesirable habits or thought patterns is a powerful motivation for change.

3) Peek Under the Hood at Gather Little By Little. A wonderful breakdown of technology, time and systems that the author uses to successfully manage his time and productivity. Compare it to your own systems and schedules. What works best for you?

4) BLog Clout comes through again with his consistently great writing and advice. 7 Blog Elements that Form a First Impression hooks you at the beginning and keeps you in until the end.

5) Get Rich Slowly has a “Eureka” moment in which his Comic Book Spending nearly equals retirement savings. Good thing he caught this in time.

6) A guest post on John Chow by blogger Justin Consuegra gives us another peek into organizing your blogging life. “What’s in your Blog Box” can surely make your posting time more productive and organized.

7) Day Job Nuker Chronicals his alternative money making activities in an effort to Nuke the Day Job. In this post, he talks about sharing the love with his readers. I’m trying to do the same with mine!

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4 Responses to “The Sunday Seven – Sixth Edition”

  1. Thanks for the link and the nice comments!

  2. Thank You Suzanne for the link love :)
    Much appreciated!

  3. “Being able to put a name to undesirable habits or thought patterns is a powerful motivation for change.” – I actually like the way you put it better than I did. So thanks for the link.

    p.s. – no big deal but its’ actually Needless Productions, ot mindless hehe

  4. Ryan, Sorry about the typo, acutally that was more like a Freudian (or some other type) of slip. Mindlessness is sometimes good, but usually mindFULLness is better. 😉

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