Earn Income With Your RSS Feed Using Feedvertising

{ Posted on Oct 03 2007 by adventurebear }
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3 Responses to “Earn Income With Your RSS Feed Using Feedvertising”

  1. Thats always good but it sure takes a long time to get enough subscribers to feedvertise.
    The funny thing is a lot of blogger will out and out refuse to touch their RSS feeds as far as advertisements go.

  2. I’ve just registered with Text Link Ads through your website. Great thing about it is that even if your traffic is pretty small, you can get earnings by reffering the people. $25 bucks for each refferal!

  3. Ryan: I think in general the more traffic you have, the more successful you’ll be with any type of advertising, but it’s probably more true with RSS.

    Ognjen: Thanks a bunch! If you need any help getting the script in stalled, let me know. Yes, $25 for referrals that have the script installed for 7 days, plus of course, anything you earn selling text link ads on your site!

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