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Improved Search Engine Rankings with Google Webmaster Tools

{ Posted on Dec 29 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Affiliate Marketing
Thanks for the comments and emails about my Wordtracker post a few days ago.  A sharp reader caught my inconsistency in the post...did anyone else catch it? I included a screen shot with some KEI results showing a great potential keyphrase, ...Read More »

Yet another feed drive!

{ Posted on Dec 28 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic, Web Tools
I want to thank everyone who has subscribed so far to my feed, as well as those who comment and especially those who email me directly. I am a bit surprised, but happily so, that my blog is helping many ...Read More »

Optimizing Keyword Tags with Wordtracker

{ Posted on Dec 26 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic, SEO, Web Tools
What is a keyword? According to Wikipedia, The term keyword [...] refers to a word or phrase (combination of words, such as 'Chicago Courier Service') used to find relevant and useful webpage. Crafting the content and structure of your website to rank highly ...Read More »

How to Write a Tutorial-Getting Screenshots

{ Posted on Dec 23 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : CSS/PHP/HTML, Web Tools
While doing all this activity with Build a Niche Store and wanting to blog about it, I find myself wishing I could tak quick screenshots and post them with minimal fuss. Isn't there an easy way to grab a ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – 11th Edition

{ Posted on Dec 23 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Affiliate Marketing
Well it's been several Sundays since I've updated this mem, but it was always a lot of fun. The truth is that I've spent nearly every free "online" minute working on my own affiliate marketing websites, niche websites, working through ...Read More »

How to add Click Tracking to your BANS store using the new Analytics Code

{ Posted on Dec 19 2007 by adventurebear }
One of the generous BANS forum members, Web Mogul, detailed the steps to add urchin javascript click tracking to your BANS site by modifying the index script for your store. Just recently, however, new analytics sites are being given a new ...Read More »

Simple Steps for New Internet Marketers

{ Posted on Dec 11 2007 by adventurebear }
As I explore the world of internet marketing and begin to see small commissions trickle in, I have learned about a lot of the various tools available for free online that I feel are invaluable for any aspiring internet marketer. ...Read More »

Commissions continue with Niche Sites.

{ Posted on Dec 04 2007 by adventurebear }
Great news, I got another commission on one of my 30 Day Challenge niche sites. The site that is getting the commissions is only getting about 15-20 hits per day, and I've gotten two commissions from it so far, ...Read More »

Who Else Wants a News Styled WordPress Theme? Six Great Designers Inspire Us!

{ Posted on Dec 03 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Affiliate Marketing
This collection of themes takes Word Press to the level of a true content management system.  Complex layouts based on a CSS grid design make use of space for features, photos and yes, even ad spots if you are monetizing ...Read More »