Commissions From Niche Stores – CJ Report

{ Posted on Jan 16 2008 by adventurebear }
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  1. So I’m curious – have you done anything to drive traffic other than what you’ve talked about in your previous post on this (

  2. kch, Ironically, I have recieved ZERO traffic from that site I set up. The site is a blogger site with a keyword phrase, that initially got a few hits, but I have not posted anything new to it, and have just let it sit idle. This was not for any specific strategic reason on my part, I just had many other things on my plate. So all of my traffic has been organic search traffic. I did take each of the original articles that I wrote and submit them to social bookmarking sites. I got quite a few digs (OK, about 9) on an article titled, “How to Catch a Fish that isn’t Hungry”

    The traffic is really quite minimal, but the conversion rate seems to be fantastic!

    But thanks for the reminder, I’ll go back to that blog and see if I can spice it up again.

  3. Hello there.. great numbers for sure! I’m sure things will continue to grow and grow. Please keep the updates coming. It’s great to get inspiration to constantly try to improve our own earnings.


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