Wealthy Affiliate Price Increase – First Month Free if you Act Now!

{ Posted on Apr 25 2008 by adventurebear }
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  1. If Wealthy Affiliate makes you money, why do you go through the trouble and time of promoting this program, especially using this rebate method? Wouldn’t your other income support you, making this unneccessary? I see so many wealthy affiliate members selling this service. Is it true that they give you 50% of the sale? This looks like a giant online pyramid scheme, no offense, where you sell valuable information to people who are recruited to sell the same information. Why do the owners of Wealthy Affilate hide their last names? Are they famous for selling any products or just how to make money ideas?

    I know this post sounds skeptical but other WA members will not give me a straight answer or reply.

  2. Mr. Skeptic, thanks for your comment.

    To answer your questions, why go through the trouble?
    I like to think of affiliate income in small pieces rather than as an entire “paycheck”. For example, if my monthly living expenses are $3000, I’d have to earn $100 each day (not including taxes) as an affiliate to support myself. That’s a lot if you are just starting out.

    But take a smaller expense, like my cell phone bill, $50 a month. That’s $1.66 per day. Much easier. I can (and have) created internet marketing income streams that earn $1.66 per day. So my cell phone is covered.

    Follow this though process for each of your individual living expenses, and you can see how slowly adding one small stream of income at a time can gradually add up to covering all your monthly expenses.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a monthly expense, $29/month. Now I could go about covering this a few different ways. First, I could just pay out of pocket and it would cost me $29. Second, I could try to create an income stream earning $1/day, that I would add on my list of incomes as covering my Wealthy Affiliate subscription.

    But what makes the most sense to me is to cover my Wealthy Affiliate costs, by getting a few subscribers under my account. Just 2 covers my costs, and i don’t have to worry about it any more. If I get more than 2 it’s a nice bonus, and I can put the extra income towards building another PPC campaign or buying another piece of software to test.

    Yes it’s true you get 50% of each sale.

    Is it a pyramid scheme? By your definition, hardly. It’s literally the best online resource for affiliate marketing information. If Harvard University offered their Law Students a commission for each incoming Law Student that enrolled with their recommendation, would you consider that a pyramid scheme?

    If you read through the entries on this blog, I think you’ll find that I post relevant, helpful information, and only occasionally recommend products that I use.

    Being skeptical is good. I first heard of WA 6 months ago and wouldn’t go anywhere near it. I was just as skeptical as you. But then I got a personal recommendation from someone I knew…someone who owns a retail store, and turned to WA to help increase his online income for his niche and it was working for him.

    So, Mr. Skeptic…WA has a 30 day money back guarantee and I’m positive that you will like it.

    If you are Mr. Super Skeptic, just clear all the cookies from your browser, type in http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com directly without my affiliate link, and sign up for your 30 day trial.

    But if you do, you have to promise to come back and post how well you like it.

  3. Hi, i really want to understand the 30 day trial thing

  4. If you will still offer me a free first month I will definitely sign up under you. Email me if you’re ready to bank another referral…

    $$$ 😀 $$$

  5. I’m a big fan of BANS. I actually make some good money with it. The $25 sign ups are incredible. I’ve never used Wealthy Affiliate though.
    Right now I mainly work adsense, bans, and a few affiliate niche sites.

  6. This is a really good list. Can you suggest any forums where I can sell stuff or offer products with a high readership? I know that Digital Point is a good one, but I am looking for a good website to offer my services for paid reviews. Thanks.

  7. Hi,

    Im Very interested, i didnt join before becaus i didnt know what i was getting for my money – this seems like a great way to test the water.

    Are you still offering the 1 month free? its April 2009.

    There seem to be allot of tools for members – as an experiance WA can you tell me what are the Adwords tools that are being offered?

    I am looking for a good keyword multiplier tool, and if thats included its a no brainer for me.

    (Thats the tool where i can enter a few columns of keywords – synonyms – action keywords, and multiply the lists into each other)

    Do you think the site is valuable for someone just looking to get into the PPC+Affiliate marketing sector?

    Thanks dude.

  8. I wonder if web industry affected by crisis as well? and to what extend? Will the admins continue this web?

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