A Sale a Day in 2009!

{ Posted on Jan 06 2009 by adventurebear }
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6 Responses to “A Sale a Day in 2009!”

  1. So how’s it going now? Are you still having a sale a day?

  2. Thats excellent. Try to keep it up and you’ll be in a good mood the whole year 🙂

  3. I’m still doing close to a sale a day…the non-sale days make up for it though! This month’s BANS sales are on track for record sales…yet again. 🙂

  4. That’s good news… Keep it up and double the sale ^^

  5. It;s going unstable! One day we have a huge sales, then come in non-sale days. It;s a crisis life…

  6. Well done.

    A sale a day keeps the bills at bay 🙂

    Have you tried doubling your average sale price, with maybe ‘upsells’ or ‘one time offers’ when your customers click through to buy?

    If you’re selling your own product, test the price by doubling it. You’ll then only need half the sales. You might find that you sell just as many, or more (perceived value).
    Good luck, keep on keeping on.

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