Double Your Income with the Rule of 72

{ Posted on Jan 08 2009 by adventurebear }

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9 Responses to “Double Your Income with the Rule of 72”

  1. I am planning to use the rule of 72 🙂 thanks for this

  2. And I was using the 80/20 rule… 72 sounds much better, appreciate the article.

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  4. Hmmm…your calculation and analysis is worth trying. Thanks. That’s so unselfish of you. Keep it up!!

  5. Wow, you almost fried my brain there, but I checked it out and it adds up. Cool.

    Great tip. Really opens up your mind to what’s possible.


  6. I like the 80/20 rule as stated above.

  7. I stumbled on your blog here and after reading your post I have to say your thinking like a true analyst. Sometimes we need to see this information and the path used to arrive there.

    Good job.


  8. Hello

    This is a great gauge to determine the ‘double’. I’ll be applying this. Nice tip!


  9. ya I understand the doubling effect using the Rule of 72. But is there a way to easily add contributions to the mix?
    For instance, I have a $1000 dollars at 12%. I know this amount will double in about 6 years. But how much faster will it double if I add an extra $100 per year?

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