Article Marketing Basics – Getting Your Feet Wet

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This is advice that I recently gave to a member on Wealthy Affiliate who had no idea where to start with article marketing.   This is a basic strategy for gettign yoru feet wet.  We’ll talk more about what to do after you get started.  Let me know what kind of results you are getting after you start.  Questions? Leave a comment and I”ll reply as soon as I can.

AS far as what to write about, when you are starting you just need to learn the mechanics of writing. Waiting until you get all your research and perfect affilatie programs are lined up can be frustrating as you feel that you must do step A, then step B, then later learn that step C needs to come before Step A.

Here’ is what I would do.

1) Pick a topic you enjoy. your hobby, your sport, etc.
2) Think of a skill or task realted to that hobby…

  • -How to knit one, pearl two
  • -How to do a basketball layup
  • -How to set a volleyball

3) Enter the phase into google with quotes around it like this “How to knit one, pearl two” and note thenumber of search results for that phrase

  • “How to knit one, pearl two” = 6 pages!
  • “How to do a basketball Layup” = 4 pages
  • “how to set a volleyball” – 69 pages

*Note that at this stage you don’t need to focus on teh perfect keywords nor worry on how often this phrase is searched for. The idea here is to learn to write an article, post it on a web 2.0 property and rank for your kewyords.

Any of these will be easy to get your article to rank for your phrase very quickly!

Now set up an account at any one of these web 2.0 authority sites or take your pick among hundreds of others…these are just starter ideas
Google Knol
Ezine Articles

Now write an articel on your topic at one of these sites. Use your kewyord phrase in your headline, at least once in the first sentance of your article, and 1-3 times every hundred words or so. Some people will say more often than that. Use your keyword phrase bolded or as a subheadline in your article as well.

Once your article is written, copy teh URL into your clipboard, and go to one of these bookmarking sites and make an account if you havn’t already

  • -Digg
  • -Propeller
  • -Reddit
  • -Stumble

Submit it to one or more of these bookmarking sites then let it simmer for awhile.

Tomorrow (or in a few hours), check google for your search phrase and look for your apge to show up!

This should give you confidence in how the process works. Try it with a few phrases in your hobby area. Even if you decide not to go inot your hobby area as your niche, you will have a nice small collection of articles that will be useful to the itnernet community.

The next step in this type of process is to put some anchor links in your web 2.0 pages pointing back to your “money” page, which could also be a web2.0 page like squidoo or blogger. Now youare building a network of information so that when people search for

  • -how to do a layup
  • -how to dunk a basketball
  • -how to play point guard
  • -how to shoot a three pointer

the likelyhood of them ending up on your niche site for basketball goes up exponentially with each new article you post.

hope those ideas help. Just get out there and try it and see what happens.

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    Very Nice post for the beginners in article marketing.

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  16. I guess you have done lots of research on this.,and got the positive results too. But I have problem when I write content I go on writing and at the I find I forgot to insert important key phrases.

    Some expert says thats a good habit coz my content looks natural.

    Is that so?

    Anyway thanks for sharing your experience.

    I’ll drop in for more….

    Have a good time :)

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