I now rank #1 for both phrases!

{ Posted on Apr 03 2009 by adventurebear }
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Quick update…I now rank Number one for both search phrases I chose for my off-line business.

One commenter asked what it was that I did…sorry if I didn’t mention it before.   I made two major changes to my site which should be the first step anyone takes in doing on-page SEO.

1)  Title Tag – I updated my sitewide default title tag to use my 3 word keyword phrase (targets both location and niche) rather than using my business name as the title tag.

For example, let’s say I lived in Austin and my business was Neon Signs. I’m hip, so I named my business, Austin City Lights.  Before my update, My title tag would have read, “Austin City Lights – Home”.  Boring, but pretty common.

After my update, the title tag would say, “Austin Neon Signs – Custom Signs for your Business”

2)  Description

Description is a META tag.  Meta tags are descriptive information about your webpage.  Using plugins for wordpress or the advanced paramaters in Joomla, you can specify unique descriptions for each individual page on your website. This “meta” description is the default exerpt displayed by search engines in their search results.  By customizing this meta description, and again using my keyword phrase first, I ‘ve highlighted my business in the eyes of my potential customers who are typing “Austin Neon Signs” into their search engine bar.

So that’s pretty basic SEO 101…update your TITLE and META DESCRIPTION tags to reflect the keywords you are targeting for your site and for that page on your site.

It may then take a few days to get your site spidered, but you can speed this up by pinging one of your posts or submitting it to a social bookmarking site or RSS feed.

Popularity: 38% [?]

6 Responses to “I now rank #1 for both phrases!”

  1. Very good time. I need to work on my default title tag handling.


  2. I’m pretty sure the meta description has no effect on rankings.

    However, it does have a lot to do with your click through rate from the search engines.

  3. Thnx Hanji for the post

  4. Congrats for getting ranked in your keywords. It’s always inspiring when others succeed. :)

  5. cool, that is great news… thanks for sharing how you did it too… not too many people get other people in on their little secrets for success… :)

  6. Congratulations – I do think people struggle to hit those keyword targets because they aim too high. There are some great long tail keywords to aim for that can be easy to aspire to no. 1 quite quickly!

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