WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 2

{ Posted on Sep 17 2009 by adventurebear }
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WordPress uses templates that reproduce large blocks of text and code on each page of your site, typicall for the header, footer and sidebar sections. From a usability point of view, this is usually helpful as it allows the page to maintain the same look and feel of the remainder of the site. And websites should be built for usability and readability first and foremost.

However having links on every page of your site to every other page of your site dilutes page rank and takes emphasize away from your “money page” or the  page that “pays the rent”.

One solution is that will both allow your overhead pages to be indexed, but still control page rank flow through the site is to add a “no-follow” attribute to the links to overhead pages on the subpages of your site.  But how do you do this with wordpress?

While I haven’t tested this yet, I’m sure others have thought of it. In the php code for your header, sidebar or footer, it’s possible to do a check to see what page you are currently on. If you are not on the “home” page, simply employ one set of code that includes the “rel=’nofollow’” attribute.

I’ll have to check and see if the “SEO Optimized” WordPress templates I’ve seen and been using employ this strategy.

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2 Responses to “WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 2”

  1. What you said here about linking one page to other pages is very interesting since I have never heard it before. I’ve always been encouraged to link page to page and to also get links to inner pages as well. In practice I have a tendency to link to the main page anyway simply because I forget to do anything else. Lastly I would like to second your comments about Stompernet. I was a student for a few months. They’ve got it going on. Quite an intelligent group without their SEO noses in the air. Check them out for SEO facts and education. Thanks so much,

    Bill (still learning)

  2. Its really interesting. I like wordpress template.

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