WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

{ Posted on Sep 16 2009 by adventurebear }

I’m currently studying Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 from Stompernet (which believe it or not is now free).  While wordpress is a wonderful website content managment system, there are several things from an SEO standpoint which can use improvement.

Regarding control of page rank flow…each p age needs a minimum amount of page rank just to get indexed. Too many outgoing links will dilute the page rank of each page and risk enough outflow so that the page itself may not get indexed.

Controlling the flow of Pagerank means putting more flow of PR into the important pages of the site…the ones that will make you money.  With regard to WordPress, one of the popular widgets available is “archives”.  Depending on whether you have your archives listed monthly, weekly or yearly, t his list can get quite long.

Thank about it from a user point of view. Does having a monthly list of archives help them find old posts when there is almost always a “search” feature on the site?  Is it helpful to have each month of archives listed on the front page?  Probably not.  It would be just as sufficient to have a single link to the “Archives” from the front page, and have that link be “no-follow” as well.

Perhaps this simple strategy can help control the  page flow so that it does not leak to less important pages, and instead you can send it where it needs to go…to the pages that “pay the rent”.

UPDATE:  Looks like this solution has already been solved with a quick piece of header.php code fix. You can either do it yourself, or use the Duplicate cure plugin. Here are some references:

Addicott Web

Fix your page header – You should insert the following code into your theme’s header file to make sure that certain pages (such as the homepage, posts, pages and category pages) are indexed by search engines spiders, while certain others (feeds, archives, etc.) are excluded

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7 Responses to “WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 1”

  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information. It can help so many wordpress users.

  2. Hi there Suzanne,
    I am looking forward to be reading more of your post on SEO. Thank you for the tips :)

    All The Best

  3. Nice One Suzanne,
    I think We should follow the same steps for our site, so that we should not lose value of old pages.

  4. Suzanne, you appear to be a little confused about PageRank. Pagerank has zero bearing on whether a page will get indexed or where it will get ranked in the search engines. It is just an overrated number. What matters is how many links you have pointing your site. Some of the most lucrative terms have pr 0′s and 1′s ranking in the top spots. If you want to make money on the internet, just build some links. Don’t worry about pagerank. Believe me.

  5. Thanks for the useful information! appreciate it.

  6. Ya word press is really no 1 in search engine optimization!!!I agree..

  7. Yep, you usually just need to edit the header.php template to add the meta stuff there.

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