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How I created a 3000+ opt in list in the past year.

{ Posted on Dec 27 2010 by adventurebear }
Hi, I've been busy working in the background and not updating this blog much. I"ve done a lot of work on my own product development niche and have created a site that has a mailing list of over 3000 people ...Read More »

Writing original content for your niche site

{ Posted on Jan 28 2008 by adventurebear }
Categories : BANS, Building Traffic
Content is King as they say.  As much fun as keyword research and building new BANS sites is, I still feel strongly that my websites provide valuable content.  Some people create literally a hundred or more sites, submit them to ...Read More »

The Slow Domination of my Niche

{ Posted on Jan 25 2008 by adventurebear }
One of the most important things for me in my internet marketing activities, is to maximize my time and be as efficient as possible.  There is so much great (and crappy) information out there, that even when you find the ...Read More »

Another Traffic Source…Part II

{ Posted on Jan 21 2008 by adventurebear }
Categories : BANS, Building Traffic
Since my organic search traffic to my new Build a Niche Store sites has dried up due to the "sandbox" effect, I decided to try another method of traffic generation that seems to be working well for many other Build ...Read More »

Yet another feed drive!

{ Posted on Dec 28 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic, Web Tools
I want to thank everyone who has subscribed so far to my feed, as well as those who comment and especially those who email me directly. I am a bit surprised, but happily so, that my blog is helping many ...Read More »

Optimizing Keyword Tags with Wordtracker

{ Posted on Dec 26 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic, SEO, Web Tools
What is a keyword? According to Wikipedia, The term keyword [...] refers to a word or phrase (combination of words, such as 'Chicago Courier Service') used to find relevant and useful webpage. Crafting the content and structure of your website to rank highly ...Read More »

Getting Backlinks to your Site with Article Submissions

{ Posted on Nov 13 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic
I've written a bit about keyword research and niche site strategies.  If you've done some market research and found what you think is a good niche with low competition and good search engine traffic, the next step is to set ...Read More »

Keyword Market Research and Belgian Wheat Beer

{ Posted on Oct 15 2007 by adventurebear }
What do keyword market research and belgian wheat beer have in common?  Well, you can enjoy both at the same time! For the past several days I've been following Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge.  I mentioned it to you briefly last ...Read More »

Earn Income With Your RSS Feed Using Feedvertising

{ Posted on Oct 03 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic
In part one of this series, Stay in Touch with your Readers by Using an RSS Feed I talked about how to use an RSS feed and how to create an RSS feed for your own blog ...Read More »

Stay in Touch with Your Readers by using an RSS Feed

{ Posted on Oct 02 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Building Traffic
In this short article, I will discuss what RSS is, what RSS stands for, why blog readers would want to use it, and why blog writers would want to produce it. In a future article, I'll talk about ...Read More »