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Landing Page Optimization-Keeping the Momentum Going

{ Posted on May 14 2008 by adventurebear }
Wow, what a roller coaster this business is.  After my best single day (on the 12th, I think), I feel like I'm in such a huge slump.  it's hard to put a lot of work in to a site, articles, ...Read More »

How to add Click Tracking to your BANS store using the new Analytics Code

{ Posted on Dec 19 2007 by adventurebear }
One of the generous BANS forum members, Web Mogul, detailed the steps to add urchin javascript click tracking to your BANS site by modifying the index script for your store. Just recently, however, new analytics sites are being given a new ...Read More »

Simple Steps for New Internet Marketers

{ Posted on Dec 11 2007 by adventurebear }
As I explore the world of internet marketing and begin to see small commissions trickle in, I have learned about a lot of the various tools available for free online that I feel are invaluable for any aspiring internet marketer. ...Read More »

Commissions continue with Niche Sites.

{ Posted on Dec 04 2007 by adventurebear }
Great news, I got another commission on one of my 30 Day Challenge niche sites. The site that is getting the commissions is only getting about 15-20 hits per day, and I've gotten two commissions from it so far, ...Read More »

Three Keys to Writing for Keyword Content

{ Posted on Oct 24 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Internet marketing
For the past two weeks, I've been following Ed Dale's "Thirty Day Challenge", a free online course in internet marketing.  The lessons are invaluable if you are willing to put the time and work in.  I have been working on ...Read More »

Keyword Market Research and Belgian Wheat Beer

{ Posted on Oct 15 2007 by adventurebear }
What do keyword market research and belgian wheat beer have in common?  Well, you can enjoy both at the same time! For the past several days I've been following Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge.  I mentioned it to you briefly last ...Read More »