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Double Your Income with the Rule of 72

{ Posted on Jan 08 2009 by adventurebear }
I recently learned how to apply the "Rule of 72" to my internet marketing efforts. The rule of 72 is a quick equation used to determine the doubling time of investments. IN other words, if you had a savings account at ...Read More »

Personal Development Carnival

{ Posted on Oct 05 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Self Actualization
I've discovered a great new (to me) carnival, the Personal Develpment Blog Carnival.  My current series on how to turn  your great ideas into reality is featured in this week's Carnival.  Check out some of the recent hosts, there ...Read More »

Are you passionate about your dream?

{ Posted on Oct 04 2007 by adventurebear }
Categories : Self Actualization
This is the third article in a series on How to turn your Great Ideas into Reality. The word passion derives from the Latin root "passio" meaning "suffering" or "being acted upon". A more commonly used context is "an overmastering ...Read More »

How important is this dream?

{ Posted on Oct 01 2007 by adventurebear }
This is the second in a series of articles on Turning Your Great Ideas into Reality.  See Part I here.  As you daydream about your latest idea, let your mind flow around the possibilities. What if you see this idea ...Read More »

Turning your Great Ideas into Reality

{ Posted on Sep 27 2007 by adventurebear }
This is the first part in a series of turning ideas into reality. Her Father Likes to Brag I have a friend whose father likes to brag about her to his co-workers. Many times they will ask him how is ...Read More »