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WordPress Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

{ Posted on Sep 16 2009 by adventurebear }
I'm currently studying Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 from Stompernet (which believe it or not is now free).  While wordpress is a wonderful website content managment system, there are several things from an SEO standpoint which can use improvement. Regarding control ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Beach Edition

{ Posted on Jan 20 2008 by adventurebear }
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Hi everyone! Greetings from the sunny, but slightly windy beaches of California. I'm taking a mini-vacation, ala 4 hour work week, on the beaches of Santa Barbara, CA this weekend. In my "regular" job, I work long ...Read More »

Sunday Seven – Week 1, 2008

{ Posted on Jan 06 2008 by adventurebear }
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What have I been up to?  Learning to use dreamweaver to customize CSS for my Build a Niche Store websites.  I've tried many CSS & HTML editors, and ultimately have settled to coding by hand using an editor like Crimson ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Sixth Edition

{ Posted on Sep 30 2007 by adventurebear }
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1) Internet Duct Tape's entry caught my eye not only because of the discussion of Mind Mapping, but also the dogs who work for his company, and why they are exempted from attending daily meetings. See if you ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Fifth Edition

{ Posted on Sep 23 2007 by adventurebear }
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This week brings us some novel items to pimp up your blog, Some advice on marketing to yourself, practical tips for selling your stuff, coming full circle, recognizing your debt and finally...making friends.  Enjoy and Share. 1) Dyers Better Blogroll ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Fourth Edition

{ Posted on Sep 16 2007 by adventurebear }
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Productivity and affirmation is the theme this week. 1) Goal University's Goal Blog discusses the true blessing of the Entrepreneur's Curse. 2) NoviceSEO give us 10 steps he took to go from 600 to 14 on Google. He includes ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Third Edition

{ Posted on Sep 08 2007 by adventurebear }
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Blogging these days brings to light many new ideas that were not previously considered. Here are some great explanations for novel way of communicating with the online community. 1) Shaun Low has a fantastic article...almost better than Stumble Upon's site, on what ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – Second Edition

{ Posted on Sep 02 2007 by adventurebear }
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This week's posts include some tips for customizing your blogs look & feel... I wanted to make a simple change to my default Cutline style sheet by Chris Pearson, including removing the bullets from my sidebar lists (blogroll, recent posts, etc) ...Read More »

The Sunday Seven – First Edition

{ Posted on Aug 25 2007 by adventurebear }
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Welcome to my new tradition of the Sunday Seven. Just enough posts to keep you company through your lazy Sunday Morning Coffee. Weekends are typically a slow time for bloggers as I see from my stats pages. ...Read More »