Are you passionate about your dream?

{ Posted on Oct 04 2007 by adventurebear }
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2 Responses to “Are you passionate about your dream?”

  1. This post is so dead-on! I’ve found that finding the passion that drives you is easier said than done! What drives me is collecting experiences, learning new things, and dreaming up ideas and creating plans to turn them in to reality. After 2 years of running my own business where I got the pleasure of doing these things, I realized that I had become bogged down in the details and am now taking action to get out of the details and back into the fun.

    What you say here is so true!

    “Until you find the passion that drives you, your work will be tedious and unrewarding.”

    There really is no need to live like this. It is possible to live a life of your design if you consciously create it that way!

    Thanks for this post!

  2. Christine, you’re right and it’s great to see that you will try to put these principals back into practice in your own business!

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